About Sjúkraliðafélag Íslands

Sjúkraliðafélag Íslands is the trade union of licensed practical nurses in Iceland. The union’s role is first and foremost to negotiate, on behalf of its members, wages and other employment terms in collective wage agreements and to protect their interests in the labor market. Collective wage agreements are established within the legal framework applicable to the labor market and provide more detail for the employment terms of wage earners than the legislation does.
Employment contracts between employers and licensed practical nurses may not negotiate for less favorable terms than those provided for in collective agreements. Such negotiated agreements are invalid. Licensed practical nurses may negotiate for better employment terms than the minimum terms provided for in collective wage agreements.
The union ensures the rights of its members in the workplace, encourages the solidarity of members through publishing activities, educational meetings, and other social activities as well as supports members to maintain and improve their education and strengthen collaboration with other healthcare professionals.

Services provided by the union
The union is responsible for protecting the general rights of its members, and the union representatives represent their members during collective wage agreement negotiations.
Sjúkraliðafélag Íslands provides its members with information and consultancy services about the terms that acts of law and collective wage agreements ensure for them. Union employees are bound by obligations of confidentiality to members seeking their rights.
Diverse social and educational activities take place within the union.
A range of information on the activities of the union and wage terms may be obtained from the office of Sjúkraliðafélag Íslands and our website, slfi. is.

Membership and membership fees
According to laws and collective wage agreements, all wage earners pay a fee from their wages to the union. The fee accrues to the union that has negotiated the collective wage agreement on which the employee’s terms of employment are based. This fee is paid through the employer, who deducts the fee from the employee’s wages and transfers it to the union.
Sjúkraliðar need not be members of the union if they so choose. They are, however, still required to work in accordance with statutory collective wage agreements.

BSRB – The Federation of State and Municipal Employees
Sjúkraliðafélag Íslands is a member of BSRB, which is the largest union of employees in public service in Iceland. BSRB is a federation of 23 unions, and two-thirds of its members are women.
The unions in BSRB have collective bargaining rights. Sjúkraliðafélag Íslands bargains for wage agreements, but other rights, such as vacation and pension rights, are bargained under the auspices of BSRB.

Your rights and benefits as a member
Wages and rights
You are entitled to all the terms of the collective wage agreement, which are agreements made between the union and employer. The agreement covers rules about work hours, sick leave, overtime, vacation, shift work, and more, as well as wages and pay scales.

Frequently asked questions (in Icelandic).

Reimbursements and grants for education and training
Apply on „Mínar síður“ (the website is in Icelandic – or contact our office for assistance).

Reimbursements and grants from sickness benefit fundStyrktarsjóður BSRB
The fund handles sickness benefits to members who have fulfilled the minimum requirements regarding union fees and are unable to work due to an illness or accident but have used up the sick leave provided by the employer. Sickness benefits are income-based and amount to 80% of average total wages over the previous 12 months if premiums have been paid to the fund for the past 6 consecutive months. This fund also repays its members some of the cost accrued for various health programs, physiotherapy or psychotherapy sessions, cancer screening, dental services, buying eyeglasses, etc.
For serious illness and longer sick leave, you can get a special allowance from your union. Further information can be found on „Mínar síður (the website is in Icelandic – or contact our office for assistance).

Information regarding sick leave rights can be found here.

Office opening hours
The office of Sjúkraliðafélag Íslands is at Grensásvegur 16, 108 Reykjavík,
telephone: 553 9494
Office hours are between 8:00-16:00 Monday – Thursday and 8:00 – 12:00 on Fridays.
Email: slfi@slfi.is

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